Sensors Repair Or Replace Garage Door

Services For Garage Door Sensors Repair Or Replacement

We all need a space where we can safely secure our stuff, and the garage room is ideal for such use. However, if the garage door doesn’t function appropriately, it becomes an issue and risks the safety of our belongings.


Our garage door has moving parts that work with some sensors and other technologies. A sensor works like magic for your garage door. With the help of sensors, your garage door operates smoothly. While this may look like a simple process to you, there is a complex sensor system functioning behind with other technical parts.


All of these require proper servicing to function properly. You have come to the right place if you are facing any problems with your garage door. We offer superior quality garage door services. Keeping up with the name of Superstar Garage Door, we provide comprehensive installation and repair services for your garage door sensors.


Our team of certified technicians comprehends your garage door sensors in Hollywood Boulevard, CA, to deliver the best quality services. So, if you are searching for quality sensor repairing or replacement service for a garage door near Hollywood Boulevard, CA, contact us. We are happy to deliver same-day service to meet your emergency needs. 

Types of Sensors in Garage Door

There are basically four types of garage doors. Each of these sensors comes with certain functions but is designed to offer a flawless performance of garage door motion.

  • Safety Sensors

The design of the safety sensors is such that it can discourage the closing of the garage door on obstacles including pets, people, automobiles, or even debris.

  • Monitoring Sensors

Monitoring Sensors are mainly intended for use at homes. Just as the name suggests, it will deliver an alert to you whenever your garage door opens.

  • Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors exist in the bottom end of the garage door. It helps to stop and then reverse the downward shutting movement of the door whenever another object near it. These sensors can effectively detect the lowest pressure level and save others from hitting against the door.

  • Co2 Sensors

Co2 or Carbon Dioxide Sensors are somewhat unusual than the previous sensors. They come with some modern and advanced technology that can constantly monitor the Co2 levels inside the garage. Whenever it detects something unusual, it automatically opens the garage door.

Our Services

  • Replacement Services

We provide convenient and quick replacement services for garage door sensors. After you contact us, we send our experienced technicians to deliver you top-quality replacement services.

  • Garage Door Sensor Repair

If you need repairing services for your garage door sensors, reach us and get the same-day value for money service.

Why us?

Do you wish to get simple and quick services? At the Superstar Garage Door, we work to meet the budget and demand of our customers. So, leave the work of replacing and repairing on us and save yourself from potential pain.

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